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 Our Ensembles 

Beginning Strings


6th grade students can begin learning music in our beginning string class. They will learn the fundamental techniques of their instrument, foundations of reading and performing music, and the skills to work in a group with other musicians.

Beginners 2021.jpeg
Prelude Orchestra

Students with a wide variety of experience make up this ensemble. Here, they are able to continue to hone their fundamental skills and deepen their musical knowledge, all the while experiencing what a full orchestra class has to offer. They will have the opportunity to experience an ensemble class in a smaller setting, where they're able to continue to receive focused individual instruction and prepare for large orchestra classes.

Philharmonic Orchestra


Intermediate level students, typically 7th and 8th graders, with possibly some 6th graders with Suzuki experience, will be able to continue refining their skills on their instrument as they transition into a more ensemble-based class environment. They will learn more difficult music and begin to shift their focus to performing as a part of a section. They will have the opportunity to pursue performance opportunities outside of the school, begin to explore performing in a variety of ensemble settings, and begin to play solo pieces.

Symphony Orchestra


Advanced students, typically 7th and 8th graders, will have the opportunity to perform in our top ensemble. Here, they will be able to perform at the highest level possible at RMS, be able to compete with students across the district. Students will learn increasingly exciting and entertaining music, continue to develop their ensemble performance skills, and continue to develop their ability to participate in a wide variety of ensembles. They will continue to learn and be prepared to continue playing at the high school level and beyond!

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